Key Store files

In order to publish your Android app in stores like Google Play, you need to provide and upload a Key Store file, and, also use that same Key Store to properly sign your app. As you can see in the app Android platform options, we must provide a Key Store file path and some other Key Store file information. Well, you can create that Key Store file using the below dialog.

Cretate a Key Store file

Open the above dialog from the IDE Main Menu -> Tools -> New Key Store file. The tool try to automatically locate the right path for the required Java "keytool" executable path. You can manually provide the path for the Java "keytool" executable path if the tool can't locate it, or, if you want to use a specific Java "keytool" executable.

Key Store file path

Specify the file path in which you want to create the Key Store file.

Key Store file password

Set the Key Store password twice, and, save the password in a secure place.

Key information

Provide the information for the private key saved in the Key Store file:

Once you provide all the required information, press the Ok button to create the Key Store file in the location that you specified. Take care: save the Key Store file and the used information (including the passwords) in a secure place.