Editor Quick Code List

The DecSoft App Builder Quick code list is ready to use in all code editors and provide us a fast access to all the available app methods and app properties, as well all app views, app dialogs, app frames, and, all controls methods and properties. Just add a new control in an app view, for example, and, that control appear ready to use in the Quick code list for your convenience.

Show the Quick code list

There is a button in the editor toolbar to show the Quick code list, but, probably you learn quickly to show it by using the CTRL + SPACE shortcut. Even more, you will promptly learn that the Quick code list is automatically updated depending on what you write, so, you can go to the element that you wanted, in order to get the code auto completion as fast as possible.

Methods arguments tips

Related with the Quick code list, the code editor offers to you information about the arguments names and types that a JavaScript method requires. Once you choose a JavaScript method from the Quick code list, or if you directly write it, that information appear automatically. You can also show this information placing the editor caret inside the methods arguments parentheses and then pressing the SHIFT + CTRL + SPACE shortcut.

The arguments tips appear automatically but can be also forced to show by using the SHIFT + CTRL + SPACE shortcut