Why DecSoft App Builder

DecSoft App Builder is the product of years of development. We work very hard to create a well tested, stable and fast integrated development environment. We not only develop DecSoft App Builder, but also develop apps with it to our customers.

With DecSoft App Builder and a bit of knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can create powerfull WebApps, Progressive WebApps and Web Extensions ready to be deployed in all the modern desktop and mobile browsers.

Additionally, and, always with the same base code, you can create hybrid apps that can be deployed in platforms like Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows, thanks to the Apache Cordova integration. So are you going to love it or what?

All the DecSoft demo software is intended to be tested in a full manner, that is, they are not limited in time nor characteristics, so you can test the software using the very latest product releases and without any kind of worry. Some limitations exists, of course, but never in time nor characteristics.

What we really wanted is that you can try our software as best as possible, and then, if you find the product useful to you, consider to purchase one or more licenses, in order to use the product with any limitation (like some nag screen, etc.) and fully supported by DecSoft.

Robust and efficient apps

The DecSoft App Builder created apps are based in a well know and widely used frameworks and libraries. Your created apps can be as complex as you need, for example, can have any number of views / pages, with any number of controls inside for the user interaction.

The generated HTML for the app views / pages is as lightweight as possible. And both HTML and JavaScript of the app views / pages are loaded only by demand, saving precious resources and maintaining the code well isolated.