App plugins

With the help of DecSoft App Builder you can create JavaScript apps, so it's possible to extend the apps' capabilities in many different ways, just by using some thirdparty JavaScript libraries or Apache Cordova plugins, for example. In addition to these "natural" extension capabilities, DecSoft App Builder provides a complete infrastructure that allows to easily use thirdparty plugins, specifically designed to be used in this IDE.

IDE integration

App plugins for DecSoft App Builder are perfectly integrated in the IDE:

  1. App plugins can provide one or more objects that become into the "app.plugins" variable, and that objects can contain any number of useful methods, for example, and all these stuff can appear in the IDE Quick Code list, so the user can use the app plugin stuff in an easy way.
  2. App plugins can provide one or more visual and non visual controls too, that will appear listed in the IDE Tools panel like any other of the "out of the box" available controls. These plugin's controls can also have events and different types of properties, which can be edited using the IDE Controls inspector and the IDE Controls style inspector.
  3. The controls provided by app plugins can also offer "translatable" properties, so that control's properties can be translated using the IDE Languages manager, like any other "out of the box" control provided by DecSoft App Builder.
  4. App plugins can specify scripts, styles, images, other files (like JSON) and even entire folders, in order to be copied in the app compiled folder, in other words, in order to be internally used by the plugin.
  5. Last, but not least, app plugins can provide the right help and documentation, contextually integrated in the IDE, just like the IDE contextual help. The IDE will call to the app plugins help HTML file with the right "anchor", indicating for what control property, for what event, etc., the user is interested for.
Read this help topic if you want to develop app plugins for DecSoft App Builder.